Making time to write

Good morning blogging world, a real quickie this morning then I’m off to Carpe Diem.

For the past few years I was want to say, “Oh, I like to write in my spare time.”, however this year I’ve been saying, “Oh, I make time to write.”. So I got up this morning, or rather, I set my alarm for 4:AM but it’s my Saturday, it’s cold & rainy and I already have too much on my schedule for today; laundry, chores, meet up with a friend for a dog walk on the beach, go to the property with my chainsaw etc etc, so I responded by laying in bed for an hour listening to the rain.

So I force myself to get out of bed to make a small blog entry then get on with my day only to see that my laptop had rebooted overnight to upload updates etc and my firefox needed to reload for updates etc so all my WIPS, Tabs et al all needed to be reset. To keep my momentum going I twittered on my Iphone for a while, did a half hour of house work and now I need to shower & shave then head out for errands etc.

So I can say I made time to write, can’t say I had the time to write anything of intrinsic value but that’s my self deprecating sense of humour talking. Just a typical day here at The Rusty Prose whereby life has it’s way of throwing roadblocks under my feet in one form or another. They say pushing through this builds character and boy do I have character to spare.

To all my peeps with chronic illness & fatigue et al, keep up the good work, get your rest  then get back into the fray. Don’t neglect your hobbies. Treat yourself.

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