Here to find my voice

Here at The Rusty Prose we’re out to find my writing voice, and, in embarking on these types of journeys, I am looking forward to enjoying the scenery as it comes up as well as all the stops along the way. The key is to write daily; I have daily prompts that I attempt, I have a number of projects on the go at any given time and now I have my blog. Of course I have bitten off more than I can chew and I’ve come down with some kind of stomach bug, blech, giving me cause to simplify how I look at organizing and prioritizing my projects. So far this blog has helped me write more often, and, so it seems, is forcing me through my editing & rewriting phobias.

Does anybody else have that particular writing problem, too many projects on the go?

And speaking of biting off more than I can chew I’m also looking into starting a Patreon page, though not right away, which will work to make me more accountable for my writing once I can get all my ducks in a row and move them forward. That looks like a great place to sort out ones goals and knock them off. But first I need to spend more time here at The Rusty Prose, there’s lot to do around here, the place needs my attention and I need to find a rhythm; I would like to set up a home page, then add a few more pages for various topics that I’d like to cover and a multitude of other tweaking that needs to be done. However I need to live in the here & now, so, for now, I am focusing on hanging out here more often.

Do any of you, or anyone you know, use Patreon to any great success?

Another issue I am facing is time. Well, time and energy. I work ten hour shifts and have other obligations. I’m fighting fatigue, I’m away from my house for twelve hours out of the day, there are no end of things that need to be done around here and I have been forcing myself to make more time for writing and writing related projects. Write and create. Yes I do realize these are first world problems but they are my post Cancer realities; I’m battling the last of the side effects from my Cancer ordeal, I am working very hard at my non-writerly job and I try to get some exercise, not to mention all the shopping, errands, socializing and the like. I have a dream to turn my hobby of writing in my spare time, to making it a side hustle in which I devote a set amount of time and effort, leading to eventually being able to support myself, in one way or another, writing.

Do any of my visitors support themselves with their writing, did you have similar journeys to get you there?

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