Going through my files


I found this earlier today, looks like a blog entry for a blog that I started after my Chemo treatments ended, the blog never got off the ground as I suffered greatly from Chemo-brain and was still operating in a fog for over a year. I will tell the whole story one day, I am getting around to it. I’m finding things from then that I don’t remember writing at all.

I didn’t recognize it, I found a whole file folder full of these, some are just notes and ideas but there’s some good ones and also it appears as though I was repeating myself back then. I’ve cleaned it up a touch but have left it in tact, I like it, it’s not so bad. Oh, and Obviously I wrote it in November.

I’m back to being left handed, and well, mostly ambidextrous, which took me a long time to get back to doing. I’ve recovered from the Chemo brain but perhaps not completely and not to mention the on going fatigue. All in all I am much better now but my main focus seems to be maintaining my full time work schedule and taking care of my health and welfare.

This was from November 2012 and I was still off for my medical leave, I was off for another ten months after this. As I said, I was still convalescing and had plenty of time to write, but after I went back to work full time I lost all that free writing time. Part of the rehab/convalescence was reverting back to being left handed and shaking off the residual Chemo brain that was determined to stick around.

Without further ado:

Blog entry Nov/2012

My prose is wooden, my poetry is flat and my thoughts are scattered. With many words to be written I sit idle watching the sunset. The smoke from my newly lit fire hangs heavy over my neighbors’ field as the ravens head home after a long day of harassing the crows.

I’m now dealing with the horrors of becoming right handed; I liked being Left handed, after all, most people do. Though now I can say I am ambidextrous, I’m not great with either hand, but I manage pretty good. The ordeal is mostly behind me, my chemo-brain is definitely improving also my aches and pain(s) are more manageable, so now I am able to devote more of my free time to writing.

I have taken all the words that I allotted myself this morning when I awoke and have placed them neatly in a row along the rough pages of my novel. Seems I left little for other projects. Nanowrimo is definitely taking precedence right now over all other writing projects.

Our domesticated canine would like to have a career as a garbage can, but as of late, her GI tract has other news for her. In my next appearance here on Mother Nature’s property I am definitely going to become a veterinarian. Perhaps a garbage can would have made a sturdier pet.

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